Simple Devotion

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 Simple Devotion

Authors: Micah Wood & Samuel Bentley

Most believers know the call of Jesus is radical. Most believers want to answer the radical call. However, most of us are not living the model, New Testament standard of discipleship. Why? It's not because we are unaware of the call. Nor is it because we are unable to answer the call. We are simply not sure what the call in action looks like on a daily basis. We're not sure whether to get tattoos of the word Nazarite or to try a 40 day fast. The premise of Simple Devotion is that answering the radical call is much more simple than we realized. Our daily devotion moves God more than our spectacular activity. This book by Micah Wood and Samuel Bentley will walk you through the journey of answering the radical call through a life of simple devotion. 

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