Easy as a Feather Necklace

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During Karen Wheaton's two-year journey of intercession for her prodigal daughter to come home, the Lord so sweetly gave Ms. Karen a vision. She saw an old stone wall and she knew her daughter was on the other side. The wall was massive and it seemed impossible that she would ever be able to reach her beloved daughter behind the wall. When she asked God for a tool to bring down the wall, the Lord showed her a feather. The ridiculous idea that a feather could bring down that ancient wall made Ms. Karen laugh and she heard in her spirit "It's as easy as a feather....and every wall comes crashing down." 

What battle are you facing? Is there a prodigal in your life that you're believing to come home? Is there a battle in your health or finances?

Whatever the wall of impossibility before you, nothing is too hard for God.

" easy as a feather and every wall comes crashing down."

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