Breakfast of Champions Vol.2

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Author: Andy & Gina Elmes

Breakfast of Champions Volume 2 is Andy Elmes’ second collection of daily devotionals written with the purpose of inspiring you to live the most effective, influential, God-filled life you can, and in this volume he is joined by his wife, Gina, and daughter, Olivia. These daily devotionals continue to be packed with wisdom and tips taken from Andy and Gina’s own walks with God, and this time they’ve added even more content with fifty-two Weekend Workouts – thoughts, ideas and challenges to put your faith into action. Andy has also included many of his favourite inspirational quotes. Breakfast of Champions is read all over the world, by people of all ages and from all walks of life. Alongside your Bible reading, these devotions will give your devotional life a fresh daily boost and motivate you to walk out your faith with boldness and passion. Breakfast is served!

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