Ending Barrenness

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Ending Barrenness

Messages by: Micah Wood and Brian Beasley
Formats available: CD/DVD Combo, MP3 Audio Download

Have you ever felt the pain of barrenness? Have you ever sown seed without seeing any fruit? Have you ever felt like your prayers, giving, believing, and obedience have been in vain? Then, this series is for you. Through these messages from Micah Wood and Brian Beasley, God restores the hope that your seed will produce fruit. Nothing you’ve ever sown has been in vain. The sorrow and pain of barrenness are ending, and new life is springing up at last.


1. Barrenness Is Broken
Micah Wood releases a prophetic declaration about the end of barrenness. God’s presence causes barren seed to suddenly produce fruit. The circumstances that look like Death Valley quickly become abundant, vibrant gardens in the rain of God’s presence.

2. Contend for Fruitfulness
Brian Beasley teaches how to contend for fruitfulness in spite of prolonged barrenness. Following the lives of Elizabeth, Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel, Brian reveals that the longer the delay, the bigger the impact

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