God's Blueprint for His Church

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Author: Andy Elmes

 Two thousand years ago, when Jesus declared that He would build His Church, He rolled out a blueprint of what the Church was meant to be – relevant and effective through all generations. We now find ourselves in the 21st century, and we need to ask ourselves, "When we roll out the blueprint we currently have for 'building the Church', does it look the same as His? Are we building the Church Jesus wants built?" In this compelling book, Andy Elmes, speaking from years of experience as a church leader, evangelist and leadership coach, sends out a passionate call to the modern-day Church to return to "the blueprint" of God, building Church once again according to the pattern handed down to us by the Architect, Jesus. Andy challenges us to reconsider the importance of topics like: 

  • The Great Commission – is Church to be seeker-friendly, mission-minded, or both?
  • Discipleship – what place should it have in modern Church?
  • The power of God – are we building safe churches or supernatural ones?

Together we will revisit these and other subjects to see how today's Church lines up with God's original plans and intentions for His house. Is it time for the 21st century Church to return to a 1st century vision? And how do we do that, both effectively and relevantly in our generation?

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