Live Equal

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Live Equal

Message by Joe Reeser

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In this four part teaching series, Joe Reeser reveals what the Bible says about gender and how it affects our lives. He encourages believers to revisit God's original plan for man and woman, changing personal belief systems and challenging worldly definitions.

Disk 1: In the Beginning
Joe revisits God's original design for humanity, encouraging believers to embrace His plan and define equality according to the Bible.

Disk 2: What Happened?
Joe dives into the why of inequality. Going back to the garden, he explains how the fall began a spiral of separation between God and man and man and woman.

Disk 3: New Testament Redemption
Joe reveals how Jesus broke into the culture of the New Testament with His sights set on redemption.

Disk 4: Why Not Women?
Joe answers common questions that concern most believers about women's roles within leadership, marriage and the church.

Teachings - Joe Reeser

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