RSM Summer Intensive 2016

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Ramp School of Ministry Summer Intensive Teachings 
Format Available: CD & MP3 Audio Download

Session 1: The Morningstar - Micah Wood

Session 2: The Urgency of the Great Commission - Jacob Peterson

Session 3: Hearing the Voice of God - Josh Hollingsworth

Session 4: Business and the Prophetic - Samuel Bentley

Session 5: Praise Leads the Way - Matthew Back

Session 6: Honor's Authority - Stephen Womack

Session 7: Worship in the River - Catherine Mullins

Session 8: The Inheritance of Revival - Brian Beasley

Session 9: Inheriting the Work of God - Micah Wood

Session 10: What Stands Between You and Your Dream - Lauren Bentley

Session 11: The Hustle-Rest Cycle - Micah Wood

Session 12: Understanding Spiritual Disciplines - Josh Hollingsworth

Session 13: Your Spiritual Legacy - Brian Beasley

Session 14: The Message of Your Life - Karen Wheaton

This product includes audio of the messages only.

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