Beautiful CD/DVD

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The aggressive, unrelenting sound of live worship can be found on the Ramp's live album, Beautiful. This album includes Bryn Waddell, Eddie James, Delana Wood, and Rick Pino.

Beautiful - CD/DVD

  1.  Jesus Saves (Hope is Here) - Bryn Waddell
  2.  You are Jehovah- Eddie James
  3.  Happy Day - Bryn Waddell
  4. Beautiful the Blood - Bryn Waddell
  5. Speaking I - Damon Thompson
  6. Jesus Paid it All - Delana Wood
  7.  Show Us Your Glory - Rick Pino
  8.  I'm Sending the Fire - Eddie James
  9.  Speaking II - Damon Thompson
  10.  Nothing But the Blood - Bryn Waddell
  11.  Speaking II - Karen Wheaton

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