God's Word to Pastors by Bob Yandian

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Practical, hands-on wisdom for daily life in ministry! What framework does the Word of God give for the office of a pastor? Does the Bible outline the pastors responsibility to the congregation and the congregations responsibility to the pastor? Gods Word to Pastors gives scriptural answers to these questions and many more! What is the extent of the pastors authority over his congregation, and what can he expect from them? Why did God give us pastors, and how is their role unique in the body of Christ? Does the Bible say anything about how to choose a pastor or how he should be salaried? Can you leave a church because you don't like the pastor? What happens if the pastor falls into sin? Is it always the end of his ministry? And what causes a minister to fall? What should you do if you've pastored for many years and you've lost your joy and enthusiasm for the ministry? Does the Word of God offer guidelines that will cause you to avoid burnout? This book is a pastors bible, but the principles of ministry it sets forth are essential for every believer. Pastor Bob Yandian takes an in-depth look at the everyday reality of pastoring, while at the same time, he brings a vital and necessary understanding of the pastorate to all congregational members.
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