One + One = One by Tony & Shirley Scott

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When obeyed, it has the power to move any relationship to the next level!

Whenever commerce, sports, corporations, marriages, or families activate this Law of Oneness it brings greater focus and unity. It is an eternal law, extremely productive in all human relationships—perhaps the most overlooked principle in creation. God combined it with the permanence of covenant in the very first marriage. Brought into any relationship, the impact is profound and exponential.

ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS ONE, you’ll discover:
  • Oneness originates with God and is the basis of human relationships.
  • The never-ending and ever-continuing promise of God when He said, “The two shall become one flesh.”
  • It will cause you to reject a mediocre marriage relationship and improve it with the true oneness God intended. Read at your own risk.
Warning: Many couples will experience an increase in passionate intimate, sexual love as they read the truths in this book.

“The Power of Oneness—what a powerful truth and what an antidote to the crisis of divorce and infidelity that has plagued our nation for over 40 years. There is no doubt that marriages are under attack, especially in the church, and 
ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS ONE by Tony and Shirley Scott will impart truths only found in 55 years of marriage.” —JENTEZEN FRANKLIN, Senior Pastor of Free Chapel, New York Times Best-Selling Author

TONY AND SHIRLEY SCOTT were raised in homes where devotion to biblical principles opened their hearts to God and His will for their lives. From the time they met at youth camp in their teens, until Shirley’s homegoing, they pursued their purpose and passion to see people realize their highest life. Tony has authored Living the Diamond Life in a Rocky World, The Increase Life, and The Diamond Life and has spoken in more than ten countries on five continents. ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS ONE is the culmination of Tony and Shirley’s experiences and their 58 years together.
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