The Dread Champion

Sold Out

Are you tired of being caught in the same sin cycle of pornography? Have you tried time and time again to be free, but still keep going back to your old ways? Jacob Peterson was once exactly where you were, struggling not to lose hope and tired of living short of the freedom that is available in Christ Jesus. He tried everything and found himself at rock bottom with nowhere to turn. But, when he turned to the Lord, he encountered Jesus, the “Dread Champion,” and has never been the same since. “The Dread Champion,” will encourage your faith and give you key insights into walking into the fullness of freedom that Jesus Christ has purchased for you on the cross. Just as Jesus spoke through parables, so this story is written in parable form to lead you to Jesus, a mighty warrior who conquered sin and sets us free. You will read Jacob’s personal testimony of how the Lord set him free and how he has been able to walk in this freedom ever since.